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How Fast Are Payments Processed?

All withdrawals to BitCoin are processed instantly.

How Do I Open An Account?

Please click here: Sign Up, fill out the form and click Create Account.

Which E-Currencies Do You Accept?

We offer a dynamic rate according to COINDESK.

Do You Pay Interest On Calendar Days Or Business Days?

We pay interest on calendar days (Monday through friday's).

How Do You Pay Referral Commissions?

5% Referral Commissions are credited for the deposits that your referrals make from their e-currency account. Commissions are granted only to members with active deposits in the program.

How Can I Make A Deposit?

Log in to your account, and click Deposit Funds

  • Step 1 - Choose a plan (Please choose one of the 3 available plans)
  • Step 2 - Amount to deposit (You can deposit minimum of $100(USD)
  • Step 3 - Deposit funds from Bitcoin or Deposit from account balance)

All deposits are instant with the exception of BitCoin where 3 confirmation of your deposit are necessary to be credited to your account.

Can I Reinvest From My Account Balance?

Yes, please choose Deposit from Account Balance when depositing

How Many Active Deposits May I Have?

There is no limit on the number of active deposits you may have, you may have as many active deposits as you wish.

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

After Requesting A Withdrawal, When Will The Funds Be Available In My E-Currency Account?

All payments to all e-currencies are processed INSTANTLY.

Can I Change My Referrer/Upline?

Yes, please send us a message regarding the details.

Can I Have Multiple Accounts?

No, you are only permitted to own a single account.

What If I Can't Log Into My Account Because I Forgot My Password?

Click here, forgot-password fill in the form, and you will receive an email regarding your password.


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